Whats your fav movie on Netflix?

Looking for a good movie to watch.  Suggestions please.  


Did u know??? There is not a single storm shelter so far that allows pets nor SERVICE ANIMALS. 

I love my furbabies. And I know most pet owners do as well. So why do we have to leave them at home when we have to go to a shelter?

What about those with service dogs?

I find this very disturbing and I am working on finding places that will open for people with service animals at the least. 

Ill update when I can. 


Severe storms today.  

Sever storms are moving in our area.  We are under a tornado watch and in a very moderate risk for tornadoes. They say they could be long tracking naders which scares me. 

I have bad anxiety and this has me very anxious.  I wish it would blow over but by what NWS says its going to be an all day thing. Up into the late evening hours.  

I hope all stays safe and uses their brain.